Your idea. From boring and ugly mockups to the App Store.

We help startups to bring their ideas to the App Store through iOS & Firebase app development. Our signature service is designed to take you from boring ugly mockups to the App Store by developing apps that convert users into paying customers.

Do you want to build a thriving business on the App Store and earn sales consistently every month?

Build the app idea you've been thinking about for months?

Launch a GOOD app that works in the real world and converts users into paying customers?

Right now you:

Suck at programming and don’t know the first thing about how to “make an app”.

Have an okay mockup or web app but sales are flatlined and you can’t seem to revive them.

Need a GOOD team to convert your idea or mockups into an app and launch it to the App Store.

To get there you would need to:

Learn to write clean, maintainable Swift code that needs to be tested thoroughly.

Understand the fundamentals of a good user experience so you can have the power to create beautiful mobile experiences.

Define your ideal user so you can craft compelling features and revenue models that generate money.

It doesn't matter if you:

Are a brand new startup whose team has never written a line of code in your life and don’t even know where to start.

Secretly wonder if you need to hire a developer who studied Steve Jobs for years and does this for a living.

Or, you still haven’t mastered even the most basic elements of app-making or programming, we understand your fears and you’re in the right place.

Heyo 👊 I am an iOS developer who wants to help startups have an impact in the world with apps.

I help goal-driven, passionate startups to launch their business idea to the App Store. For the last two years, Apple awarded me two Worldwide Developers Conference Scholarships.

Vita, a hackathon app I built at a hackathon, was ranked as one of the top 100 educational games for kids on the App Store in 19 countries and has been downloaded thousands of times. It was awarded sponsor prizes by Target and other companies because they loved how creative it was.

I was also invited to speak at some national conferences such as a TEDxYouth to talk about my WWDC and hackathon experiences to inspire other students to live their passion and build great things.

Here's how we can help:

Our signature service, iOS & Firebase Freelancing for startups, is designed to take you from boring ugly mockups to the App Store by developing apps that bind the mind and captivate the heart and soul while helping you make more money so you can grow your business the way you want.

This service is for you if:

Your current programming skills suck, and you can’t imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars on an expensive mobile app development agency just to make money in your business, but you also don’t feel confident enough in your own programming to do it on your own and right now you’re feeling super crunched in your venture and aren’t sure how much longer it can last.

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Your idea. On the App Store.5-star ratings or your money back.

From mockups to the App Store.

Move fast and break things. We help you to ship your business to the App Store. We work with mockups, Invision prototypes and Sketch files easily.

We use Firebase to implement authentication, real-time database, cloud storage and more. So that we spend more time on the things that matter.

Memorable pixel-perfect experiences.

Apps that aren't easy to use make you lose money and customers – we help you to have in place a good design practice across your brand so that you don't need to hire a UX/UI specialist.

Unlimited One-to-One Chat & Phone Support.

Have any question app-related? We're just a call away. We answer most queries within two hours.

Money-making strategies that work.

We will work together to boost sales and increase user engagement based on what what worked for our past clients and didn't.

Minimum Viable Product? No problem.

We help you to get up-and-running with your business by building a MVP to get you noticed by beta testers and investors.

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Hurry up. The App Store is waiting. Let's ship an awesome app together.

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